Uniform Package Ordering Instructions

1. Click on “Login/Register” at top of page.

2. Please register as a “Parent of player(s) under 21 years”.

3. Fill out all account information to create your account.

4. Once registered, Click “Order Uniform” on left navigation bar. Then click “BUY PACKAGE/UNIFORM”

5. Please enter player name and jersey number. *Note: Customer is responsible for confirming jersey number prior to ordering. Customized items can not be exchanged.

6. Select your sport, division, and then team. Please be sure to select the correct division and team. If you select the wrong team, it will either prevent your player or another player from ordering their uniform due to system restrictions on duplicate jersey numbers.

7. Select the package and proceed to enter sizes for your required uniform items. *Note: You will be able to increase quantiy of each item, but not remove any items as they are required.

8. Below the requried uniform items, there are optional items. These include optional uniform items as well as spirit wear options.

9. Please complete the checkout process.

Please direct any questions to Anna Miles :: annamiles@royalnation.net